2018 TBA Management Committee

The TBA Management Committee for 2018 has a dedicated team of volunteers working for the betterment of the sport and the Association.

The Committee Members are:

President: Greg Hinz – President@toowoombabasketball.com.au

Vice-President: Jamie Biggar – VicePresident@toowoombabasketball.com.au

Secretary: Melanie Luck – Secretary@toowoombabasketball.com.au

Treasurer: Bruce Llewellyn – Treasurer@toowoombabasketball.com.au

Junior Club Competitions Chair:  Anne Martin-Nugent Juniors@toowoombabasketball.com.au

Junior Mountaineers Chair: Darryl Allen – JuniorRep@toowoombabasketball.com.au

Senior Club Competitions Chair: Vacant – Competitions@toowoombabasketball.com.au

Toowoomba Mountaineers Limited (Chair): James O’Shea – office@toowoombamountaineers.com.au

Competitions Administrator: Trevor Grieve – Competitions@toowoombabasketball.com.au

Patron: Trevor Watts, Member for Toowoomba North – toowoomba.north@parliament.qld.gov.au 

** The TBA Management Committee generally meets every second Wednesday of the Month at 7:00pm in the Conference Room at St Mary’s College.

** These meetings are open to all TBA members. To confirm meeting times please email the TBA Secretary