Hello Toowoomba Basketball Family,

Our first term of the basketball strength and conditioning program is over and we had some amazing results.

The U/16 and U18 group saw:
Vertical jump increase of 20.35% (Jorja increased her vert by 10cm and Cody by 13cm!!)
Broad jump increase 3.5%
Push ups in 60sec increase of 16.92%
Squats in 60sec increase of 16.53%
Pull ups increase of 100%
Plank hold increase of 14.88%
The U/12 and U/14 group saw:
Vertical jump increase of 7.28%
Broad jump increase 2.14%
Push ups in 60sec increase of 36.84%
Squats in 60sec increase of 45.92%
Pull ups increase of 33.33%
Plank hold increase of 3.49%

We are running the program again through Term 4 for 10 Weeks!

With BQJBC fast approaching there is no better time then NOW to help get your body in game shape.

If your son or daughter or even you would like to join in click the link below to access our sign up page.


Just remember Reduced injury, recovery techniques and improved performance is just around the corner.

Vision Sports Science in collaboration with Toowoomba Basketball Association want to help you achieve your goals.

Current Mountaineer and Sports Scientist, Cameron Weber, has created the program specifically for Toowoomba Basketball to help junior Mountaineers become stronger, faster, more agile and resilient athletes.

His passion is to see young athletes play the sport they love (and not be on the sideline watching due to injury) and reach their potential.