Working With Children Requirements

Sport and Active Recreation

All Toowoomba Basketball staff and volunteers are required to follow the following rules and regulations in regards to working with children. 

You will require a Blue Card if your work relates to sport or active recreation and includes providing services to children or conducting activities with, including if you are:

  • An Employee or Volunterr of a Business that offers training for children (e.g a person who works or volunteers with children at a martial arts business)
  • Under 18 and paid for your work
  • A student enrolled in a tertiary course (including certificate, TAFE and university courses) who needs to do a practical placement
  • A person employed to provide personal training to children

Under this category (unless you are a restricted person) you don’t require a blue card if you are a:

  • Parent volunteering at the same place where your child participates in the activities
  • Person who works at an amusement park (e.g. a person who dresses as a character in a theme park)
  • Person providing these activities as part of a church, club or association